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TFP Brokerage

TFP Brokerage is a Life Brokerage General Agency that also offers licensed agents access to life, annuity, long term care disability insurance products and Life Settlements. We are committed to providing you with the most current products and strategies that fit your client’s individual needs. Our large selection of carriers settlement providers and expert staff will guide you through options and alternatives with exemplary professionalism and the client’s best interest in mind.


TFP Consulting

Most permanent life insurance policies are “at risk,” meaning they are not structured to last until maturity.  Millions of life insurance policies have lapsed and millions more will lapse prior to the death of the insured because of numerous reasons, but primarily because of mismanagement of the policy by the owner.  Life insurance policies are purchased based on numerous assumptions which change over the course of the insured’s life.  Life insurance is not an asset to purchase and lock away for that inevitable day.  Policies need to be managed and professionally reviewed at least every two years and that is where our Firm can help.  If you are involved with a life insurance policy as an insured, owner, beneficiary, trustee or advisor, please give us call today.  We will make sure you understand the policy in question, viable options on that contract as well as policy alternatives.