Life Settlements CE Event

Sponsored By:

TFP Brokerage & Magna Life Settlements

Magna Life Settlements

The Life Settlement market is hot and there are Billions of dollars waiting to be deployed. This is the right time to evaluate opportunities amongst your clients to assure they get the proper advice regarding their life policies while increasing your revenue.

TFP Brokerage, in conjunction with Magna Life Settlements, recently sponsored a CE Eveft at Maggiano’s Perimeter to educate Insurance Brokers and other Advisors on this exciting and underutilized advisory tool. Attendees learned:

  • How to identify a Life Settlement prospect
  • What to say to them to gauge interest
  • What information is needed to assess market interest
  • The right process to assure your clients get the highest offer
  • About a couple of case studies that will open your eyes about how important this tool can be, and
  • About an exciting new, FREE, tool to deploy Artificial Intelligence to help you identify opportunities and more efficiently manage policies with your organization!