Life Insurance Acquisition

TFP Brokerage isn’t your typical life insurance Brokerage General Agency. We truly champion the process of securing the best possible rates on life insurance – both as your trusted consultant and as a highly experienced wholesaler.

At TFP Brokerage, we have over 100 years of combined experience in the life insurance business and our pledge to you is to always act as a true advocate. That’s why we spend extensive time on the front end of the life insurance placement process, analyzing your client’s unique situation.

Our hands-on process is constructed to look at all parts of the life insurance puzzle and professionally design the right plan.

TFP’s policy placement process utilizes a retained independent underwriting consultant to secure life insurance on hard to place risks.

We are committed to strategic partnerships with industry professionals to help them establish a life insurance business within their firms – generating meaningful revenue while helping deepen client/advisor relationships.