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This Life Settlement market is hot! There are Billions of dollars waiting to be deployed, so we feel this is the right time to evaluate opportunities within your book of business.

This market is misunderstood and underutilized so thousands if not millions of opportunities are wasted while allowing permanent polices to lapse or term to go unconverted. Please click the button below for a recent article by ThinkAdvisor magazine describing the state of the market today. Don’t allow you and your clients to miss the opportunity that Life Settlements present.

TFP Brokerage has expanded our business into becoming a Life Settlement Broker. We are licensed and set up with most all Providers to begin negotiating and handing Settlement business. This is a very exciting move for all of us and will create additional assets for you to manage while most likely solving a financial problem for your client!

Please contact Mike Smith at 678.338.4384 or to receive a free simple document describing our process. We will be less expensive than our competition, better at the auctioning process (since we won’t ever settle on one Providers offer) and completely transparent throughout the entire transaction.

The ideal clients are:

  • Under age 60-have significant medical impairments
  • Ages 60-70-policy needs to be efficient, and/or client has medical impairments
  • Ages 70-80-policy needs to be efficient and/or client has medical impairments
  • Ages 80+-policy needs to be efficient and/or client has medical impairments
  • Term Insurance-age 60 plus and conversion policy needs to be efficient and/or client has medical impairments.

The recent 2 Settlements we are in process of closing went the following:

  • $1MM JH UL-73 male with Alzheimer’s. Family was literally getting ready to lapse policy. Original offer was $325k-final settlement-$570k. Total of 8 increased bids.
  • $1MM Lincoln UL. 96 male in good health. Policy status was lapse pending, so he paid $57k in good faith to avoid lapse. Original offer was $200k. Final offer $370k-12 increased bids.

TFP will only take 8% of the Gross Settlement. and the Advisor can set their commission at whatever level they want(we recommend 8%). As you may know, the market typically sets the total commission at 30% and usually splits with the Advisor, so we are basically half.

This is a significant financial opportunity for you and your clients and our combined costs will be approximately half of what our competitors charge to facilitate these transactions. If you have clients like those described above, let’s get started on a settlement analysis today!

Contact Mike Smith at 678.338.4384 or to discuss this exciting opportunity.

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